The Rev. Dr. George A. Mason takes us to a multi-faceted center where neighbors feed neighbors

If you missed the previous video in the Rev. Dr. George A. Mason’s series “More than Food for Thought,” then take a look at George’s visit to a very different kind of “Sunday Service” at a Dallas skateboard park!

In this new video, George takes us to the West Dallas Multipurpose Center where he meets with Ashley Hutto, who shows us some of the ways the city of Dallas is addressing the issues of food access and insecurity. In a part of the city where access to grocery stores and fresh produce is limited, the Center offers emergency food assistance, bilingual SNAP application support, a teaching kitchen, a Neighbors’ Community Garden, and more. Follow along as George and Ashley explore the importance of seeking out sustainable and long-term solutions to hunger that arise from the community and maintain the dignity and independence of its members.

In this series, George carries his faith into the real world and shares the Good News he finds there every week. Mason’s parish truly is the whole world.

Yes, these stories come from small corners of one city—but they’re good news for the world. What motivates George in this series is what motivated environmental educator Mallory McDuff to create her new book, Love Your Mother. In saving our planet, and our communities worldwide, McDuff says in our cover story: “I really believe that it’s going to take thousands of different solutions.”

That’s a message George echoes in his ongoing video series.

Here’s the latest video from Dallas!


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