How can we serve you, and the world, in 2017?

Editor of ReadTheSpirit Magazine

Now more than ever, we need your help. If you are reading these words, we hope you will take a few minutes and respond with your suggestions of stories you’d like to see journalists cover in 2017 concerning religious and cultural diversity.

Who wants to know? I do as founding Editor of this online magazine, which now has served readers around the world for more than a decade. As 2017 opens, I am working with an American network of media professionals—as well as the International Association of Religion Journalists—to choose stories that we should cover in the new year.

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Why is this important? With continued downsizing of American newspapers and magazines, in particular, fewer media professionals with journalistic training in fairness, accuracy and balance will be working in the new year. Given the cataclysmic confrontations around the world in 2016 concerning religious and cultural diversity, we want to help journalists find the most important stories we should be covering in this new year.


What kinds of ideas are we hoping you’ll send us? Each month, ReadTheSpirit draws more than 30,000 unique readers from around the world. Most readers are American, but a significant minority each month are from countries including Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Africa and Latin America. We hope you will stop to think, for a few minutes, about our question and respond.

ReadTheSpirit magazine, over the past decade, has specialized in covering many aspects of religious and cultural diversity. We are especially known for our coverage of new books and films. We also cover religious holidays, festivals and anniversaries. And we write regularly about food, the fine arts, travel and a host of other related issues. We also highlight important peacemakers and advocates helping vulnerable communities—people we all should get to know. A few examples of how you might respond:

  • What book or film should we cover in 2017?
  • What food customs should we cover in FeedTheSpirit?
  • What author or filmmaker or artist or religious leader should we try to interview?
  • In our Holidays coverage, what milestone or festival or anniversary is coming in 2017 that we shouldn’t miss?
  • Is there a peacemaker we should highlight? Do you know of a creative and effective activist helping families in vulnerable communities—someone whose work should be lifted up?

These are just some of the questions you could answer in your email.

Please tell us what you think …

To repeat: Simply email

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