Now in paperback: Popular writer Philip Gulley is back! the cover to visit its Amazon page.Philip Gulley takes a very dim view of people who think that theology is just for specialists with a doctorate degree. Of course, if you’ve enjoyed Gulley’s series of Harmony Novels, then you already know that he places great faith in wisdom discerned in the grassroots.

In our 2011 interview with Gulley, we talked about his provocative new book, The Evolution of Faith: How God Is Creating a Better Christianity. You can read the entire interview for yourself, but one key portion was Gulley’s description of the links between his novels and his non-fiction:

Gulley said: “There’s always been this tension in my work between the Harmony series and what I write theologically, like this new book. But, if you’re reading my books carefully, then you understand that everything I write includes themes of tolerance. Well, some of Sam’s antagonists aren’t all that tolerant in the novels, but many people are and Sam himself—of course he’s very gracious. This all is intentional in my writing. A lot of people would not think of buying a book that is overtly religious. But, they may start reading the novels. That dynamic of giving readers a good story to catch their attention has been true at least since Pilgrim’s Progress.”

You also can read an excerpt of the book here.

Originally published at, an online magazine covering religion and cultural diversity.

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