America 2015: End of traditional marriage?

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Pew poll on share of Never Married Adults

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Florida just became the 36th state to legalize same-sex marriage. With a clear majority of states now supporting same-sex marriage, will 2015 be the tipping point in the end of traditional marriage?

There’s no doubt that the institution of marriage is changing. Record numbers of Americans have never married, according to Pew analyses of U.S. Census data. This is one of the 14 striking findings of 2014.

In 2012, about one in five adults (25 years old or older) had never married. That’s about 42 million adults. In 1960, the ratio was only one in ten.

The never-married gender gap is another striking finding. Now, almost a quarter (23%) of men ages 25 and up have never married, compared to 17% of women in the same age range. The never-married percentages were a lot closer in 1960: 10% for men, 8% for women.

America is deeply divided about marriage. Half of all Americans say that society is “just as well off if people have other priorities” than marriage, while 46% say society is better off if marriage and children are priorities.

Is it better, worse, or indifferent for society if marriage is not a priority?

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of traditional marriage?

Will 2015 prove to be the tipping point?

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