American Foodways—Try a Quiz? Ever bribe someone for a table at a restaurant?


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Foodways are about a lot more than just food. Foodways include what we eat but also why we eat it, where we eat it, and, yes, even the practice of bribing to get a table at an exclusive restaurant.

DO YOU KNOW: In which major city are diners most likely to bribe for a table?
(Spoiler alert: I give the answer below.)

We know the answer from Zagat’s 2015 national survey of American dining habits. Zagat is the well-known guide to restaurant and hospitality ratings.

How good is your knowledge of American dining habits? Zagat offers a short online quiz to test your knowledge. The questions are about major cities and the dining habits of people living in them, such as which city’s residents eat out the most, which city’s residents are the stingiest tippers (and which are the most generous), and the bribe question. You’ll have to take the quiz to get all the answers, but I will tell you which city’s residents are most likely to use bribes to get a table.


Here are 8 major cities. Which is the one with residents mostly likely to bribe someone to get a table at a restaurant?

Los Angeles
New York City

Answer: The Magic City, also known as The Gateway of the Americas and The Capital of Latin America. That is, Miami.

Are you surprised to learn that Miami leads major U.S. cities as most likely to bribe one’s way to a table at a restaurant?

Have you ever seen this practice?

Ever bribe someone for a table at a restaurant?

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