Are American teens REALLY so … Good without God? (Alternative data)

Youth group at a church
re young Americans truly disenchanted with organized religion? Are they leaving in droves?

Not really, according to data collected by the ongoing National Study of Youth and Religion. About two-thirds of 12th graders, for example, are not alienated from or hostile to organized religion. Only 15% are alienated, with another 15% merely disengaged.

The National Study of Youth and Religion has collected a number of intriguing facts about young Americans, showing that religious teens benefit in ways that their non-religious peers do not.
    Here are some examples:

Religious high school seniors who say religion is very important are more likely to have positive attitudes about themselves.

Religious 12th graders are more active in sports, athletics, and exercise.

They are more likely to have positive relationships with their fathers.

And, religious 12th graders are less likely to engage in risky behaviors—though not immune from doing so.

Among American teenagers, ages 13 to 17, those who are religious are much less likely to view R-rated movies, compared with those who are not religious.

What do you think of these facts about America’s youth and religion? Do they accord with your own observations?

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