Are you as clever as a 13-year-old kid in — “People, Planet, Profit”?

re your skills for saving the planet as sharp as a teenager?
    Try today’s challenge:
    All this week, our guest writer Dr. Allan Schnaiberg and I have been focusing on  creative solutions to our economic and environmental problems: things like “lobsters and lumber” and “10,000 villages.”
    These solutions impact the “triple bottom line” – a broad metric of economic, social, and environmental benefits. This metric is also called “people, planet, profit.”
    So, today’s challenge is: What other cool ideas have you spotted that impact the Triple Bottom Line? What web sites? Companies? Products? What can you add to our list?

    Here’s another idea to consider: Andrew Davey was only 13 when he came up with his brainstorm — a “green” search engine called This green search engine helps the planet by using 59 watts to display your screen for 10 seconds versus 74 watts for the normal light screen. That may not seem like much, but it adds up if you consider the millions of Google searches done each day.
    The point of ecosmartsearch, says inventor and owner Andrew Davey is awareness as much as it is about actual energy savings. It shows that the accretion of miniscule changes at the local level amount to big changes at the global level.
    Andrew is now 14.  He developed his idea of an energy-saving black screen after being inspired by a green computing guru. (Read the story here.)
    Andrew illustrates the thinking of the young generation, schooled early about the need to save the planet. As my young son tells me, “Mother Nature needs our help.”
    What do you think of Andrew’s invention? Go to and tell us what you think!

    And, come on! Let’s not leave all the good ideas to teenagers! Send us your favorite website that highlights an idea or product or service that impacts people, profits and planet.

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