Bad Politics: Will Ralph Reed Make Politics Better?


Political activist Ralph Reed
alph Reed is back. And his eyes are on Iowa politics. Will he make things better or worse?

Reed is the former executive director of the Christian Coalition, an organized founded by Pat Robertson. Under Reed’s leadership, the coalition was credited with mobilizing the might of the Religious Right to elect many conservative Republicans to local, state, and federal office.

Reed faded in prominence due to the decline of the Christian Coalition, his association with convicted felon Jack Abramoff, and other setbacks.

But Reed’s back. He’s founded a new conservative organization, the Faith & Freedom Coalition, which he says played a major role in recent Republican victories like Scott Brown’s in Massachusetts.

This week, Reed was in Iowa, vowing to “take back” the Hawkeye State. He could do it if he raises $500,000, he says, and started the fundraising process during his speech, according to an article in the Iowa Independent.

“We’re not going to leave the express advocacy during an election to the radical left, and labor unions anymore,” Reed said, quoted in the article. “We’re going to do it, and we’re going to get people who share our values elected to office, from governor all the way down to the statehouse and school boards all across the state of Iowa.”

It’s the Religious Right versus the Radical Left, from his point of view. (Scroll down to read this week’s posts on the extreme partisanship of American politics.)

What do you think of Reed’s new political project? Do you share its goals?

Will Reed’s comeback improve bad politics? Or make them even worse?

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