Capitalism: Is dysfunctional government the big problem after all?

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Click on the Gallup chart to read the entire report.

Click on the Gallup chart to read the entire report.

“Government is not the solution to our problem,” said Ronald Reagan in his 1991 Inaugural Address, “government is the problem.”

Gallup reports that record numbers of Americans today believe Reagan was right after all.

We began the week asking if capitalism is working for you and whether it is or isn’t a big problem if everyone doesn’t have an equal chance in life. We noted that confidence in our economy is at low ebb, and discussed the economic values that should guide government policy.

Dysfunctional government is now seen as a bigger problem than the economy, according to a Gallup poll taken about a week ago. Dysfunctional government tops the list of the biggest problems our country faces. Thirty-three percent of Americans now say that it is the most important problem facing the country. In contrast, 19% of Americans say the economy is the most important problem.

Here’s the shocking news: The percentage of Americans who now say that dysfunctional government is the most important problem is the highest percentage that Gallup has ever seen—going all the way back to 1939!

Is dysfunctional government the biggest problem we face?

If government got out of the way, would your faith in capitalism increase or decrease?

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