Climate Change: Your Eco IQ? … ANSWERS to the Quiz …

3 OurValues flower idea in a light bulb Answers to our Eco-IQ Quiz:

    All of these claims are myths. Here are the facts, according to Pew’s analysis.
    Fact 1: The sun hasn’t increased its output for as long as it has been monitored by satellites—about three decades. The world has gotten warmer in the same period.
    Fact 2: Climate change is caused by both natural and human forces. The recent rise in temperatures is due to an increase in gases that trap heat—and human activity is a cause of that increase.
    Fact 3: There is strong agreement that the world is getting warmer and human activities are a significant reason, according to a recent survey of earth scientists.
    Fact 4: The debate in the 1970s was about the next ice age, and there was no consensus on it. Even then, focus was much more on global warming.
    Fact 5: Short-term changes don’t indicate long-term trends. Global warming is defined by long-term averages in temperatures.

    How’d you do?
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    Care to read more from the Pew site itself about these issues? Visit the Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

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