DIY Videos: Want an oven? ‘Simple Nick’ simply shares his wisdom

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A Note from Dr. Wayne Baker: This week, welcome back columnist Terry Gallagher.

DIY Videos Simple Nick shows how to make a tandoor ovenDespite the basic production values and far-out subject matter, homemade how-to videos are not only entertaining, but often very useful.

One reader of this week’s series mentioned to me that he learned to make a tandoori oven from clay pots via YouTube videos.

I’m not sure which one he relied on—there are lots out there—but this one by “Simple Nick” seems typical. Nick seems genuinely interested in offering backyard cooks an inexpensive way to make special meals involving just a few minutes work. And, Nick appears to have made this helpful video with no other ulterior motive.

A lot of the how-to videos you find on the web are not made with such altruistic motives. Online segments from the PBS series This Old House, for example, subject viewers to scads of ads and product pitches all over the screen. And other creators of the how-to videos can take advantage of the YouTube Partner Program, which “allows creators to monetize content on YouTube through a variety of ways including advertisements, paid subscriptions, and merchandise,” according to their site.

It does seem, though, that many of helpful videos are created out of simple generosity, the desire to share something useful with other people.

One of my classically educated friends says this desire to share what you know with people in the dark is the same impulse that led the Greek god Prometheus to steal fire from Mt. Olympus and bring it to shivering humans.

Stealing fire makes sense when you think of Simple Nick and his home-made tandoori oven.


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