Do you think race shapes American impressions of Obama’s patriotism?

re people raising questions about Barack Obama’s patriotism because of his race?
   Persuasive voices are suggesting this might be the case.

   Christopher Dickey, the Newsweek correspondent, has been in the national media in recent days talking about his trip through the South to produce a Newsweek cover story, “Southern Discomfort.” In his story, he says, “Now this part of the country, where I have my deepest roots, feels raw
again, its political emotions more exposed than they’ve been in
decades. George W. Bush and Barak Hussein Obama have unsettled the South: the first with a reckless war and a weakened
economy, the second with the color of his skin, the foreignness of his
name, the lofty liberalism of his language.

   I’m hearing this from OurValues readers, as well. Ms. Aquino-Hughes wrote:
   “No one in their right mind should talk about American patriotism without taking into consideration racism and how it is used to define the patriotism of certain groups of people in America. No one will question the level of American patriotism of McCain or Hillary. Their skin color makes them patriotic. People of color in America have to constantly prove how patriotic they are.”
   Race is a centerpiece of this election. It is unclear at this point (at least to me) whether it will be the determining factor. Perhaps we’ll see a replay of the “Bradley effect” (see my July 10th post) where white voters tell pollsters they plan to vote for Obama or are undecided, but actually vote for McCain in the privacy of the polling booth.
   Maybe minorities and the young will turn out in record numbers of vote Obama into office.
What’s your prediction?

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