Don’t like ‘Born Again American’ label? OK, pick from these.

art of my role at is to stimulate (even provoke) a spirited discussion about American values. My reference on Monday to the “Born Again American” label did just that.
    “Poor choice of sobriquet,” writes Dr. Jay. “‘Born again’ carries tremendous negative connotations for a large number of people, including many, many Christians who object to the knee-jerk nature of the phrase. It should be rejected for its nearly overwhelming religious over- and under-tones.”
    Allan Schnaiberg, a naturalized U.S. citizen, agrees — emphatically: “I want no part of the ‘born again’ label for the Obama period. It is laden with a variety of hypocritical religious and manipulative political connotations, and it deeply offends me.”
    As you know, the label “Born Again American” is not mine (see Monday’s post). I do, however, get what the authors of it are trying to say.

    So how about these other adjectives for Amercians, suggested by Allan, to capture the sense of inclusiveness and renewal so many Americans feel?
    Inclusive … Renewed … Revitalized … Compassionate … Transnational … Open-Hearted … Global … Welcoming?
    Which of these adjectives describe you?
    Is there another term you would use to describe the American OE (Obama Era)?

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