Ebola: Losing confidence in the government to address threat?

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GALLUP POLL ON Americans confidence in government ability to control ebola

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Has your level of confidence in the government to handle Ebola changed over the course of this month? Does your political ideology influence your views?

If your confidence has dropped, you are not alone. More Americans are less confident in the federal government’s ability to handle Ebola, according to a new Gallup poll. On October 5th, 61% of Americans were very confident or somewhat confident that the federal government could handle the Ebola threat. By October 19th, just over half (52%) of Americans are very or somewhat confident in the government’s ability to handle Ebola.

Levels of worry about Ebola—and attitudes about the chances one or a member of one’s family would get it—have not changed much during the same period. In addition, 65% of Americans at the beginning of the month of October and the same percentage now say expect only a minor outbreak of Ebola in the U.S.

Why has confidence dropped while concerns have stayed the same? Politics, says Gallup analysts. Like so many issues, Ebola has become a politicized issue.

Democrats were always much more confident than Republicans in the federal government’s ability to handle Ebola and their confidence has been pretty steady. Republicans, however, are losing confidence. Almost half of Republications (48%) in early October believed the federal government was able to handle Ebola, but now only 37% feel the same way.

Since Gallup’s poll earlier this week, the government has taken additional steps. These include funneling passengers from the affected West African nations through five major U.S. airports, screening at these airports, and an active monitoring program for anyone coming from these countries for 21 days after arrival. A total ban on air travel has not been established.

Has your level of confidence in the government’s ability to handle Ebola changed?
If so, why has it changed?
Do the new measures raise your confidence and lower your worries?

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  1. Rambling Rob says

    Ebola is just another disease the medical hospitals and doctors must fight. They learn as they go like the rest of us. When your neighbor has the disease it is time to worry. Until then we should look to CDC not the government for making it go away. Containing the problem in Africa will help the most. We might be able to help find the control but we should not panic over the problem,