Education Crisis: Discrimination against Asian Americans? the college selection process discriminate against Asian Americans? Yesterday, I noted the persistent racial gap in academic achievement for different racial groups. This persistent gap, accompanied by the huge wave of teacher layoffs, creates a “perfect storm”—a confluence of events with effects on American lives that will be suffered for years to come.

Some even think a major structural shift is taking place, and it’s not one that will benefit the poor or middle class. Given the impending cuts to education, it’s unlikely that anything will be done about the racial gap in academic achievement. I predict that it will just get worse—and for a long time. To compensate for the racial gap, elite colleges use race as a factor in the admissions process. Not surprisingly, disadvantaged minorities—notably African Americans and Latinos—get a “boost” that moves them up the list.

The surprise is that Asian Americans suffer a penalty. They have to score higher than whites to gain admission. Does this amount to discrimination again Asian Americans? Blogger John Rosenberg thinks so. In fact, he’s discussed several times the results of the study cited yesterday. Here’s an excerpt from a new post:  “…‘affirmative action’ as practiced by admissions officers at elite colleges results in massive discrimination against Asian-Americans.”

Rosenberg’s tag line for his blog is “Always out on a limb…” Do you think he’s on point with his interpretation—or has he gone too far out on the limb? Please, click the “Post a Comment” link below and add your thoughts.

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