Education Crisis: What are the cuts where you live? cuts are happening in your district?

“When the economy catches a cold, our schools get pneumonia,” wrote education leader Randi Weingarten in the Huffington Post. “Today, pneumonia is spreading from state to state, and our students are suffering the symptoms.”

Weingarten wrote that lead sentence in January, a few months before we knew that the ailment was a lot worse. The pneumonia is untreated and progressed. As noted this week, over 300,000 teachers may lose their jobs. What will this mean for the new school year in September? How will these cuts play out?

Here’s a list of impacts I’ve read about. Are these happening in your districts? Anything else?

  • Class sizes are increasing as fewer teachers serve more students.
  • The school year will be shortened—more summer vacation!
  • The school week is shortened—perhaps a four-day school week.
  • Libraries are eliminated.
  • Band, sports, and foreign languages are available only as pay-to-participate.
  • Extended daycare is reduced or eliminated.

And my favorite? Courses offered online—the contemporary expression of the matchbook-cover courses. Why are the young—the powerless young—bearing the costs of an economy gone wrong? Are our priorities messed up?

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