Elections: Who wants to radically change America?

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Public Religion Research Institute report on 2014 midterm elections

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Would you like to see radical change in America? Sweeping immigration reform? The end of Obamacare? Something even more dramatic?

This week at OurValues, we will discuss what the latest election results mean.

Stalemate and gridlock are likely, now that the Republicans control both the Senate and the House and a Democrat sits in the White House. Then again, Obama may take unilateral action and radically alter our immigration policies through executive action. And, in 2016, if the Republicans retain control of both houses and the presidency, we might see radical change of a different sort.

Let’s start our discussion with this question—Who do you think wants to make radical change in America: Democrats or Republicans?

Democrats is the answer, according to a post-election survey by the Public Religion Research Institute. A majority of Americans (53%) say that Democrats want to radically transform society, compared to only 33% who say that it’s the Republicans who want to do that. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of Tea Party member, Republicans, and conservatives say that Democrats, more than Republicans, want to remake American society.

However, more Americans say that the Republican party is more extreme in its positions, compared to those who say that the Democratic party is extreme in its positions.

Do you think that Democrats, more than Republicans, want to radically change America?

Would prefer radical change by Democrats or Republicans—or no radical change at all?

Your viewpoint is important!

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  1. Galen says

    I believe a reasoned answer to the first question will depend on what you see America as being at this time. If your view is that our economic system is functioning well, and is performing as it should, and that our system of marriage is becoming more and more badly broken, you would believe that it’s the Democrats who are pushing for radical change. If you see, however, an economic system that is broken deliberately by the wealthy and those who hope or expect to join that group, and who sees our marital culture as not broken, but becoming more free for all, or even a free-for-all, you would believe that Republicans are pushing for a radical change back to the values of the late 1800s.

    As you might expect, if we are to have “radical change”, I’d much prefer the Democrat’s version, or at least that change advocated by liberals/progressives.

    But in any case, I’d much rather those changes occur slower than it sometimes seems they are coming.

  2. Rambling Rob says

    The 2/3 of voters voted for neither party to make radical changes at this time. Our two party sustem of election is not helpful to determine anything. Party platforms try to engage the programs that Washington elite are willling to vote for and not the local voter. Most of us vote for candidates and not a platform supported by the money brokers seeking patronage. Money is the biggest problem to our political system. We need more support for the voter who wants good government.

  3. Dennis Crouch says

    We have been moving away from the country envisioned in our founding documents for years. It’s only of late that the changes been so exponentially radical that Americans began to notice. Limited government, free enterprise and freedom of religion has been the hallmark of our country. However, this is no longer as we have moved towards big government with government providing more and more services and the people “wanting” more services. Our individual and corporate taxes and fees, not mentioning more IRS regulations and other regulatory agencies such as the EPA that continue to increase cost to our individuals and businesses. These costs reduce the standard of living of our citizens. We continue to blame our big banks rather than the partnership of our banks and federal government. Yes,I think both the Republican and Democrats have moved to the left and I believe the Republicans have moved in response to the Democrats values, which translates to more “free stuff” to the citizens. And who doesn’t want free stuff if they don’t understand economics. We are at a tipping point and this last election indicates that Americans are beginning to wake up. Will we see movement to the “right?” It depends on the courage of the congress and whether the people see the handwriting on the wall if we don’t stop our spending without having the resources to do that. I haven’t even discussed “freedom of religion,” family, and marriage as its impact on this once great nation. We are at the tipping point. Will we change? America is now ranked number 21 in the freedom column. Terrible!!Further movement left is raicalism and movement to the right will tend to move towards the values of our founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.