End Times: What are the signs? Do you see patterns?

https://readthespirit.com/ourvalues/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2013/03/wpid-0516_Four_Horsemen_of_Apocalypse.jpgFOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE, a popular End Times image from scripture to painting to literature and moviesThe clock is ticking. Judgment Day arrives this Saturday, according to Family Radio head and general manager, Harold Camping. As we discussed on Monday, Camping has become a media celebrity in recent days as he and his followers proclaim worldwide earthquakes on Saturday. In a memo, Camping gave his staffers a paid day off this Friday.

What are the signs of the End of Days? The Bible, of course, is a main source of apocalyptic prophesies and their signs. Camping, for example, bases his prediction on elaborate mathematical interpretations of numbers that appear in the Bible. But the signs are all around us, many believe.

On a long drive this weekend, my favorite radio stations faded, so I spun the dial to find something else. What I found was Prophecy Today, hosted by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. The mission of this media site is to examine current events “in the light of God’s prophetic Word.” Just about anything significant that happens today is interpreted as a sign of the End Times. During the program, DeYoung discussed the accord between Fatah and Hamas as a sign. The Royal Wedding, which we covered on OurValues as part of a celebrity theme, is significant because the British Royal Family has links to royalty at the time of ancient Rome. And, the International Monetary Fund is implicated in the creation of a one-world currency, another sign of things to come.

The fact is the world is oversaturated with events that have been or can be interpreted as signs. The financial collapse in 2008 was a big one, a harbinger of economic apocalypse. Today, the flooding of the Mississippi River and the inundation of towns upstream from Baton Rouge and New Orleans are signs. The interminable wars in the Middle East are signs, with the conflagration in Libya the most recent addition. And, the belligerence of Pakistan following the raid that killed bin Laden is yet another sign of doomsday ahead.

Do you see significant patterns in these events?

Do you have a religious interpretation of these events?

Do they signify the End Times?

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