New American Center: What does “left” of Center believe?

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Far Left of the Esquire NBC poll on New American Center with Elizabeth Warren at leftThe New American Center, say Esquire/NBC News pollsters, contains a majority of Americans united by shared positive—and negative—beliefs about America. Yesterday, we talked about the fringe group to the right of Center. Today, it’s the other end: the two segments of the American population who are left of Center. Are you one of them? Or do you disagree with them?

The Esquire/NBC News pollsters indulge in a penchant for catchy, quotable labels for their segments. The two on the left are the “Bleeding Hearts” and the “Gospel Left.” These two seem like an odd couple, which becomes clear when we see how the pollsters describe them:

Bleeding Hearts: “Mostly young, unmarried, white well-educated voters in the Northeast and West who are extremely supportive of the progressive agenda.”

Gospel Left: “Mostly black party-line progressives who live in Southern cities but with God as their co-pilot fly rightward on social issues.”

So, what they have in common is support for some aspects of the progressive agenda. Otherwise, they are quite different in attitudes and demographics.

Do these descriptions of the Bleeding Hearts and Gospel Left fit you?

Do they fit anyone you know?

As this week has progressed, what’s your overall evaluation of this new assessment of the American people?

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