Fear of War: Could YOU become a victim of terrorism?

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176 victim photos of the 9 11 attacks

176 VICTIMS ON “9/11” This photo array comes from one of the many online displays of the nearly 3,000 victims in those 2001 terrorist attacks. It takes 17 of these 176-photo arrays to represent all 3,000 victims.

Diplomats from 25 nations gathered yesterday in Paris to discuss strategies for responding to the growing threat of ISIS (also known as ISIL), the jihadist group responsible for a wave of atrocities, including three beheadings of Westerners. While the focus is on a coordinated global response, almost half of Americans feel we are less safe at home now than we were before 9/11. Many Americans are worried about terrorist acts on our soil.

Personally, how worried are you that you—or a member of your family—will be a victim of terrorism?

Just over four of ten Americans (41%) say they are worried, according to a CNN/ORC poll taken about a week ago. Thirteen percent say they are very worried that they or a member of their family will be a victim of terrorism.

How well is the U.S. government doing to reduce the threat of terrorism?

Only 17% of Americans say the government is doing very well, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey, with an additional 39% saying that the government is doing fairly well. Almost two of ten (19%) feel the government is not doing at all well to reduce the threat, more than double the number that felt the same way in 2013.

You can see some of the results from both polls I’ve cited in this aggregation of recent polls.

Of course, the results I’ve just reported might change as the response to ISIS unfolds. Already, well over 100 airstrikes have taken place.

How worried are you that you or your family will be a victim of terrorism?

Is the U.S. government doing enough to reduce the threat of terrorism?

Will the 25-nation response to ISIS reduce—or raise—the threat of terrorism at home?

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  1. Lightning strike is rated at a 1 in 136,000 chance based on National Safety council “odds of dying” graphic. Not shown is odds of dying from terrorist act because it is so miniscule, estimated at 1 in 20,000,000. Just for perspective. A complete breakdown in link below.