Healthcare & You: Have you felt the Affordable Care Act? this map to visit the White House page on Affordable Care.Today, the U.S. Supreme Court enters its second day of hearings on the Affordable Care Act, but aspects of the law are already in force.
Have you felt them yet? Do you know anyone who has benefited already?

Here’s a story from my home state of Michigan, from the White House’s web site about the new law that provides a U.S. map with links to stories nationwide. This one’s about a recent college graduate, Erick Moberg, who aspires to be doctor. Part of his inspiration is his mother, who underwent quadruple bypass surgery when Erick was still in college:

Inspired by the doctors who treated his mother when she had quadruple bypass surgery, Erick Moberg knew he wanted to be a doctor when he walked across the stage of his college graduation ceremony. He planned to take time to work and gain new skills before continuing on to medical school. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, he was able to remain on his mother’s insurance plan while he did so, and Erick will stay on her plan when he goes back to school. By the time he turns 26 and can no longer stay on his parents’ plan, the new law will be fully implemented, and he’ll have a variety of options to purchase affordable health insurance.”

Before the Affordable Care Act, Erick would have joined the ranks of the uninsured once he graduated. With the new law, he doesn’t have to run the risk.

Do you know stories of young Americans like Erick’s?

Have you personally benefited—or, do you think you will?

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear that it was going to rule on the case, brushing aside an obscure objection to hearing the case. Today at the court, we’ll see what the high court has to say about the core issue we discussed yesterday: the individual mandate.

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