Here’s an Invitation to Expand Our Conversation: Please, Suggest a Topic …

o far, we’ve set the agenda at We appreciate the wonderful level of discussion on the site and the many people who’ve signed up with their Email addresses for the larger survey.
   But, today, we want to extend a new invitation to you: Please, propose a future topic.
   What values-related issues are on your mind this summer?
   We’ve covered many topics so far, but we’d like to hear from you about new ones that you would like to see covered here.
   We do plan to return to issues we’ve already raised. So, when you click on our new “Propose a Topic” link in the upper-right corner of this site, you also can tell us about an issue you’d like to see us raise again — or phrase differently. Perhaps we really need to fine-tune the question we raised before. That’s all part of this process of developing new ways for researchers to talk with Americans about values.

   Click on the link at right. That let’s you send us a note with your suggestion. We can’t promise that we will address every topic suggested — but we will seriously consider each one.
   So, let’s hear from you! Propose a topic — or add a Comment to our ongoing discussions. Your participation adds the life to

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