Hopes for Children: Can a Positive Post-It Day help our kids?

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Positive Post It Note Day on YouTube

WANT HOPE? Maybe we should ask kids how our communities can improve life for the next generation. Kids have far more ideas than we may appreciate as adults.

Recently the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize was announced. You can read inspiring profiles of Malala Yousafzai, who will be receiving the prize, in Daniel Buttry’s Interfaith Peacemakers section of this website. And Malala is not alone. Buttry also profiles another youthful visionary: Mayerly Sanchez. Malala and Mayerly now are known around the world, as I pointed out on Monday in the first part of this series.

Now I’m reminding readers: A kid near you may be cooking up a hopeful idea at this very moment.

Today, we consider the story of a teenager who was bullied at school and countered it with a novel response: positivity. And her positivity spread far beyond the halls of her school. Her name is Cailtin Haacke, a student at George McDougall High School in Airdrie, Alberta. She was the victim of bullying.  Students swiped her iPad and posted a message on her Facebook page—telling her to die.

Caitlin decided to fight back—with kindness. She brought in a stack of post-it notes with messages of inspiration and affirmation, and posted one on every locker in the school. This story was covered in the Canadian media, and has been repeated on many web sites. The video about her efforts already has drawn well over 1 million viewers on YouTube.

Caitlin’s positive idea spread. Positive Post-It Day was organized several days later, and the Airdrie City Council passed a resolution supporting it. Caitlin took an instance of bullying and changed the world with positivity.

Can children change the world?

What are your hopes for our children?

Can positivity counter bullying?

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