Images of America: Do you recognize the ‘WE’? Do you recognize Atticus Finch?

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The word We from the MLKing Statue in Washington DCOur tour through Images of America ends with one of the most powerful—and sometimes puzzling—pictures in the photo gallery: A big, etched-in-stone word—WE.

Recognize this WE? It’s from the wall of quotes that flanks the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C. The word “WE” appears more than once on that wall, but this particular “WE” is the opening word to the lines: “We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

The founding purpose of the OurValues project, including the new book United America, is to demonstrate that Americans do share core values and that civil dialogue is possible even on difficult issues.

Atticus Finch and Tom RobinsonThis weekend, as our 10-part series ends, a question guaranteed to spark discussion is: Do you recognize Atticus Finch? Headlines are abuzz about the startling turn of events in Harper Lee’s newly released novel, Go Set a Watchman.

Atticus Finch—the courageous Southern attorney in the Pulitzer Prize-winning original, To Kill a Mockingbird, turns out to be a vicious racist at least later in life. Have you read the book this weekend? Are you as surprised as other online writers?

Atticus is such an iconic hero of American equality and justice that he has inspired countless young men and women to become attorneys. He is widely referenced in schools and, in 2003, was voted “the greatest hero in American film” by the American Film Institute.

Privately, a racist!?!

And yet, the overarching contribution of Harper Lee—her life, her work, her stories—remains a story of American unity. Publishing experts haven’t seen a nationwide reading frenzy since the end of the Harry Potter releases. This weekend, “WE” are all reading—and thinking.

Start a discussion this weekend …

The United America photo gallery Images of America was developed so you can freely share these inspiring images with friends. This method has been used successfully with groups nationwide to spark spirited and constructive discussions about what unites us as Americans. Then, to fully understand the 10 core values, get the book United America. So, come on! Start your own discussion …

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