In light of happiness news, can you tell us what “Happiness Is …”?

We kicked off this week with news from the World Values Survey about happiness: As it turns out, Americans aren’t as happy as we might have hoped — especially when compared with places like Denmark.
    Ironically, Americans have been pursuing this value called “happiness” for decades — from the cartoon panels of Charles Schulz to the latest books by the Dalai Lama.
    Even though we all want it, this is a tough issue to talk about, which is the appeal we began to raise yesterday.

    Here’s how tough this is. Right now, there are 720 products for sale on Amazon all tagged “happiness” by Amazon customers.
    But — if you seek out the Amazon Happiness Forum? You will find just six comments over the past year about a value we universally celebrate.
    Researchers are trying to figure out better questions to understand both our pursuit of happiness — and whether we think we’ve achieved it.

    So, please, take a moment to:
    Read yesterday’s fuller story on this theme with news about the World Values Survey.
    Take our Quick Poll, which poses one of the World Values Survey questions about happiness.
    AND please complete the classic sentence, “Happiness Is …” Click on the links to Add a Comment and tell us how you’ve completed that famous line today.   

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