In the Midst of Our Crisis, Two Men Debate What We Should Do Next — Do You Like What You Hear?

needed a “game-changer” last night, according to the Washington
Post, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, NBC, and even Al Jazeera. Did he change the game and rescue his campaign?
second presidential debate covered a host of value-laden issues—the
economy, energy, taxes, health care, and foreign policy—Iraq, Afghanistan,
Iran, Israel, Pakistan, and Russia.
main comment at my house was: “Nothing new.” The candidates
paraded their now well-known positions on these issues, and their well-known
charges and allegations against their opponent.
the only thing “new” was McCain’s “Homeownership Resurgence
Plan” to buy up failing mortgages. Was this enough to change
the game? How do you think he handled this announcement?

debate was expected to be more of a barroom brawl than a debate. 
The only moment where it came close was when Obama, followed by McCain,
enticed moderator Tom Brokaw to depart from the debate format and allow
a retort and counter retort. But that was it.
the debate last night help you decide who to vote for in November?
Did it reinforce your decision about who gets your vote? Did it
make you question your decision?

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