Intermarriage: How acceptable is it … vs.other trends? Culture Icons show the world a wide range of marital and parenting relationships, these days. Iman is a Somali-American model and actress married to English musician and actor David Bowie since 1992. They live in the U.S. and the UK. They are parents to Iman’s daughter by a previous marriage, Bowie’s son by a previous marriage and they have a daughter together.Family life and structure are undergoing big changes in America. We’ve covered many of them on

This week we’re looking at intermarriage, using results from a new Pew Research Center survey. We’ve considered the rising rate of intermarriage, how it’s becoming more acceptable, how it affects earnings, and where intermarriage is most (and least) common across the U.S.

Today, we round out the discussion by considering how acceptable intermarriage is compared to other trends in family life.

Here are seven trends:
Which of these seven do you think is the worst thing for society?
How about the best?

  • Interracial marriage
  • Women not ever having kids
  • Mothers who work outside the home and have young kids
  • Children raised by gay/lesbian couples
  • Couples who are not married raising kids
  • Living together without being married
  • Single women who have children

Of these seven trends, interracial marriage is the most acceptable, according to Pew analysts. Only 14% of American say it is bad for society. Twenty-five percent say it’s a good thing.

Single mothers having kids earns the most negative reactions. Almost seven of ten (69%) say it’s a bad thing. Only 4% say it’s a good thing.

Negative reactions are also prevalent for three other trends, but it’s never a majority who say that it’s a bad thing. These are gay/lesbian couples raising children, living together without being married, and unmarried couples raising kids.

Women never having children is considered a bad thing by 29% of Americans, with 37% saying working mothers of young kids is also a bad thing. Yet 21% say that mothers who work outside the home and have kids is a good thing.

Considering these results today, and our discussion all week …

What stands out for you?

What is the most surprising fact?

The least surprising?

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