Is Supernanny right? Let’s talk about our choices in raising children …


Conditional or unconditional love—what’s better for raising children?

Is Supernanny right?

Is it better to reward children with love, praise, and approval when they do things we want them to do, and withhold when they don’t? Or should we express our love of them unconditionally—no matter what they do?

September is the traditional start of the school year. It raises perennial questions about education, parenting, and even the role of military recruiting of the nation’s youth (scroll down to read last week’s posts on that theme).

This week, we’ll talk about parenting, in particular, different models and methods of parenting.

There’s loads of advice out there on childrearing. The advice industry has operated at full tilt ever since Dr. Spock published the all-time best seller Baby and Child Care more than half a century ago.

So it’s no surprise that new research has surfaced with some intriguing findings about child rearing and its long-term effects. I’ll share some of these findings with you this week, along with the links that exist between our family values and our political views.

What do you think is better: Supernanny’s conditional love—or unconditional love?

How were your raised?
    How are you raising your children?
    Let us hear your stories and advice.

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