Our New Look—Welcomes Your Voice, Your Thoughts


“Promoting civil discussion of values and ethics in America.” I stand by those words at the top of this magazine. I still believe that goal is possible, despite what we may see as Tax Day approaches.

TODAY, a new design debuts for the entire ReadTheSpirit project. PLEASE, look around OurValues.org magazine and, in your Comment, tell us what you think. At readers’ requests, changes include:

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We are, indeed, exploring tax protests this week! Are you going to pay your taxes? Or evade taxes? Both questions relate to values—civic virtue, patriotism, concerns for others, fairness, and so on.  Fear of punishment is also a motivator. This week, we’ll explore the morality and psychology of taxes.

Tax protests hit their peak this week, too. The tax protest movement is the third major anti-government movement in America. (See last week’s posts on the first two: militias and sovereign citizen movements.) But, as we’ll see, it’s not only Tea Baggers and right-wing extremists who think taxes are immoral. It’s also people on the left, such as those who protest our tax dollars supporting war. What do you think of tax protestors? Are you one of them?

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