Paying ‘forward’ or ‘backward,’ let’s share more generosity stories!

 Karma Kitchen Berkley California
ere are more examples of paying it forwards and backwards.
    What do you think? Have you observed acts of kindness recently?

    This holiday week, we’re exploring the theme of generosity. We began Monday with Bush’s “generous” decision to provide an emergency bridge loan to about-to-be-bankrupt GM and Chrysler. I asked: Do you think Bush is playing Santa or Scrooge?
    I put “generous” in quotes because our readers (and I) question Bush’s intention. Of the bailout, Allan Schnaiberg said, “Ironically, it is probably too little, and almost certainly, too late. But Bush is desperate to leave a positive ‘legacy’ in Iraq and even Detroit.”
    And kmonster said, “Bush is too cruel to accurately represent any Christmas character.” At this writing, our Quick Poll (at left) indicates a even split – half of our respondents support the bailout decision, half don’t.
    Regardless of Bush’s intentions, consider these examples of true generosity, built around the pay-it-forward principle. On Tuesday, I kicked off this appeal for generosity stories.
    Allan Schnaiberg provides us with the first one, a personal story of pay it forward on the snow-bound streets of Chicago. Having lived (and parked) on those same Chicago streets, I can attest to the almost unbreakable grip of snow and ice on vehicles. Allan tells about a chain of residents who, once their cars were freed, paid it forward by helping other stuck motorists. (Take a look at his Comment at right for details.)

 Karma Kitchen Berkley California 2
    Here’s another story, Karma Kitchen in California, where your meal ends with a check that reads $0.00 and the message: “Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you. We hope you will pay-it-forward however you wish.”
    Seva Café in Ahmedabad, India, is organized around the same principle.
    Watch a video about Karma Kitchen.
    Or, watch a video about Seva in Ahmedabad.
    If you know about these two restaurants, tell us about your experience!
    Have you witnessed or participated in similar acts – paying it forward or backward, however you care to describe the chain reaction?
    Give us all a holiday gift by sharing your uplifting story!

    Tell us what you think about any of our questions.
    Please, add a Comment, even if it’s brief. Or, if you prefer, drop us a quick Email.

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