Powerful feelings flow from our symbols; I’ve felt it in my life, too!

few days ago I did something that some might think is unpatriotic:  I removed the American flag and flagpole from the stern of my family’s sailboat.
   I did this for safety reasons. The pole was in the way of safe movement and lines often fouled on it. My wife and I discussed this before making the decision to remove it.
   But here’s why I’m telling you about it. The decision wasn’t a simple one. My wife and I both were surprised by the mixed feelings it raised in us. We looked around and noticed how many boats flew the flag. We wondered if anyone would say something. We wondered about the message we were sending our young son. What we found ourselves wrestling with is the emotional form of patriotism I defined yesterday in the article about “4 kinds” of patriotism. My wife and I were feeling the powerful associations that revolve around American symbols.
   This week is about patriotism and its role in American life. I didn’t think I would have a personal story to share about this value, but here it is.
   I want to thank the readers who dove into the discussion by clicking on the Comment link (at right) and adding their thoughts. Thanks, as well, for your Emailed responses. You can add to the discussion that way, as well.
However you choose to do it: Please share your stories with us.

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