Presidents: Can you guess who’s best? And worst? Monday, we looked at the popularity of Ronald Reagan’s Ghost among politicians who want to steal a little of his aura for themselves. Today is Super Tuesday and, across 10 states, voters are casting ballots to determine who among the GOP presidential hopefuls will face Obama in November.

Beyond this milestone, are we likely to hear candidates compare themselves to other recent presidents?

A comparison to Reagan is a positive thing in the minds of millions of American voters, polls show us.
But what about negative comparisons?

Can you guess which of the presidents, shown at right, carries the most negative baggage with voters?

Who’s best? And who’s worst in terms of comparisons?
The three shown here, of course, are George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Of these three, a comparison to Jimmy Carter certainly is unfavorable right now. Only two in ten (19%) consider a comparison to Carter a positive one, according to Rasmussen Reports. Almost half (47%) say it’s a negative comparison.

But, George W. Bush fares worse. Only 16% see a comparison to W as a positive one, while 52% say it’s negative.

A comparison to Bill Clinton isn’t as positive as one to Ronald Reagan, but Clinton does pretty well. Four of ten (40%) of American voters have a positive reaction to a comparison with Clinton, with three of ten (30%) saying it’s a negative comparison.

Which of our presidents is your favorite?

Which one is your least favorite?

What do you think of these poll results?


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