Presidents: What marks do you give Obama on leadership? Tuesday is now behind us. Romney did well, but Santorum’s surge makes it clear that the final GOP nomination is still months away.

Here’s the key question pollsters are asking:
Can any Republican nominee beat Obama? Obama still comes out ahead in every hypothetical matchup, according to the tracking polls run by Rasmussen Reports. Margins vary, with the thinnest margin between Romney and Obama.

How could Obama still be ahead, given all the criticisms and the persistently poor economy?
One factor might be leadership.

Over four of ten likely voters (42%) give the president high marks for his leadership, saying it is good or excellent. This figure is from a Rasmussen Reports poll taken just a few days ago. It’s a bit lower than it was in January, when almost half of likely voters (48%) said his leadership was good or excellent. Since January, Obama’s job approval rating has improved.

Of course, this viewpoint about Obama differs sharply by political affiliation. About eight of ten Democrats (78%) rate Obama’s leadership as good or excellent. Almost the same proportion of Republicans (72%) rate his leadership as poor. Independents are in between.

What grade do you give Obama for leadership?

Do you think one the GOP presidential hopefuls would be a better leader?

Is the extended primary battle helping or hurting the GOP?

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