Senate says, “Deal!” Now, what do you want the House to do?

    The U.S. Senate weighed in 74 to 25 late last night, voting to support the Bush Administration’s $700 billion bailout plan.
    How do you feel now?
    Are you less worried than before — or more worried by this vote?
Should the House echo the Senate’s vote? Or hold the line on its earlier “No Deal” vote?
    The bill that passed last night isn’t the same as the original bill turned down by the House earlier this week. Yes, the price tag hasn’t changed. But, it now includes provisions that the bill’s framers hope will
make it more appealing, such as raising the FDIC insurance cap from
$100,000 to $250,000, tagging on renewable tax incentives and a mental-health
rule that requires insurers to cover mental illness at the same level
as physical illness.
last provision got me wondering — it doesn’t seem like something that
goes naturally with a financial bailout bill. But maybe it does.
I suspect that a lot of Americans could use a trip to the therapist
to work out their feelings about the machinations of Wall Street and
the Senate’s vote a good thing?
    Do you support the modified
    What will you tell your representative to do?

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