So, how did Palin do? And — hey — what about Obama’s kids?

Sarah Palin soap opera is playing to a widening audience. Last
night, she took the stage and stood in the limelight at the Republican
National Convention. Tell us how you think she did!
media continues to have a field day with Palin’s life story, as we began discussing yesterday here at I’m interested here in reactions that relate to family values, work values and the work-life balance — a concern that millions of us share as adults.
    Yesterday, I pointed out one great contradiction: how social conservatives applaud Palin when they would pillory liberals for the same behaviors as parents.
    But, another contradiction is troubling me today: Why is Obama off the hook?
    He also has young children: Malia Ann, born in 1998, and Sasha, born in 2001. He, too, is a working parent with a job prospect that will leave him with precious little time for his kids.
    I remember some faint voices about this issue when it became clear that Obama would be the Democratic candidate. But those faint voices
have faded away.
guess it’s not an issue because (dare I say it?): It’s Michelle’s
job to raise the children?

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