Sparks of Kindness: How far will the wildfire spread?

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Giving food to cats in a shelter

SOME KINDNESS FOR OUR FURRY FRIENDS? “Sparks of Kindness” recommends remembering the non-human animals in our communities.

Sparks of Kindness are deliberate acts of generosity that makes life better for someone else. As we’ve discussed this week, Sparks of Kindness is also a social movement and Facebook group with lots of practical resources. We’ve talked about the wisdom of small experiments and big experiments, along with the paradox of generosity.

Are you a Spark of Kindness?

Tangible help is a product of Sparks of Kindness. So is hope. As founder Debbie Lowre McFarland said, “I have been contacted by countless people who said that the Spark they received came at a time when they had given up hope and it made them realize that there still are good people in this world and that they are not alone. The world seems just a little smaller…and kinder.”

I asked Debbie about her dreams for Sparks. “My dream for the Sparks of Kindness,” she replied, “is that it will spread as far and wide as possible. That people will see that it really is so easy to make a big difference. It only takes a Spark to ignite a wildfire. What I consider miracles have happened.”

On Monday, I provided a short sample of Sparks of Kindness. To fan the wildfire, we’ll end the week with some more examples from or inspired by Sparks of Kindness:

  • Hand out gloves and hats to homeless people.
  • Take pet food to an animal shelter.
  • Leave a lottery ticket for someone to find.
  • Anonymously give flowers to someone.
  • Pay for someone at the drive-through
  • Leave criticisms at home for the day.

Which of these is the most appealing to you?

What would you add to the list?

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  1. Mary Ceccanese says

    * Hand write and send a thank you card to someone who has done a kindness for you (you could even do this for your spouse or a member of your family)
    * Bring flowers to a nursing home and pass one out to each resident
    * Smile and say good morning to someone you meet on the elevator
    * When traffic is congested on the freeway, let someone in who is trying to merge
    * Anonymously leave chocolate on someone’s desk