Volunteering: Would you do it in your pajamas?

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Many Americans volunteer their time, knowledge, and resources to aid others. We usually think of volunteering as work done “out there”—in the community, schools, hospitals, prisons, churches, and other places.

But have you ever thought of doing volunteer work at home in your pajamas?

As we’ll see today, there’s a movement afoot that lets you do just that. Volunteering is our focus this week, and we’ve considered how helping others can extend your life and make you happier. We’ve discussed religious volunteers in prison, and the wide variation in rates of volunteering across the 50 states.

Help from Home website

INTRIGUED BY ‘HELP FROM HOME’? Click on this image from the group’s website to learn more.

Volunteering is a time-honored activity, but today technology lets us volunteer in new ways. It’s called “micro-volunteering.” Micro-volunteering, defined by Wikipedia, is “a task done by a volunteer, or a team of volunteers, without payment, either online via an internet-connected device, including smartphones, or offline in small increments of time, usually to benefit a nonprofit organization, charitable organization, or non-governmental organization.”

Help From Home is an example. Their tagline is “Change the World in Just Your Pyjamas.” This site allows you to volunteer “in bite sized chunks, from your own home, on demand and on your own terms.” Their opportunities include a host of “do good actions,” “green actions,” and “advocacy actions.”

Another example is the online volunteering service hosted by the United Nations. Development organizations around the world post volunteering opportunities and individuals select opportunities where they can help. If both parties agree, then the online volunteer provides the needed service, such as translation, writing, design, research, IT development, and more.

Have you heard of micro-volunteering?  

Does micro-volunteering appeal to you?  

Would you volunteer more often if you could do it in your pajamas?  

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