What slogans will define us? Part 4 This just in from the nation’s capital!

0Bumper Sticker Shalt Not Kill Dr.
Wayne Baker is taking a short summer break. This week, we’re revisiting
Dr. Baker’s questions about “slogans” … (This
week’s stories:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.)


Megan Crumm, a ReadTheSpirit editor and correspondent in Washington D.C., jumped into the OurValues.org conversation this week with her camera poised—to capture some of the bumper sticker slogans she could spot in a stroll around the nation’s capital.
    She’s not claiming this selection of photos is any kind of “sample” of Washington viewpoints. The images simply convey a range of viewpoints and issues—some more clearly than others.
    Look at these images today—and tell us which ones “work” for you. Which ones are on target? Which ones set you on edge? Please, respond to any—or all—of today’s images!

    Here they are …

1Bumper Sticker No Farms No Food 2Bumper Sticker Bush Last Day 3Bumper Sticker pro choice 4Bumper Sticker Darfur

5Bumper Sticker Darwin Christian

6Bumper Sticker World Peace



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