What’s up with men? Are you following #yesallwomen? Or, #menpr?

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Twitter hashtag yesallwomen

A sampling of photos recently tweeted via #yesallwomen

NOTE FROM DR. WAYNE BAKER: This week, we welcome back our popular contributing columnist Terry Gallagher for the first of a number of summer series in OurValues.

Each new outrage against women like what happened in Isla Vista, California, in May raises questions about men and how they got this way.

In the Isla Vista case, a toxic mix of mental illness, hatred of women and access to weapons resulted in mass murder. One of the responses has been the Twitter phenomenon with the hashtag #yesallwomen, a platform providing women the opportunity to share examples of misogyny, discrimination, harassment and violence. Overall,  the hashtag is seen as a response to the lame male alibi: Not all men are guilty of such abominations.

On the other hand, men have found themselves looking at the world in new ways over the last two or three generations—and many are not liking what they see. For a lot of them, the response has been to withdraw, to retreat, to take themselves out of the mix, to stop participating.

The National Public Radio program All Things Considered is running a series this summer on men in America, with the premise that “today’s men have to reconcile old ideas of masculinity with new economic realities.” (The Columbia Journalism Review just reported on this convergence of conversations, headlined “In the summer of #yesallwomen, #menpr seeks to join the conversation.”)

So far, the NPR series has included some great stories about role models, new models of parenting, and objects men equate with manliness today, including motorcycles, chainsaws, and a “man pan,” a cast-iron skillet.

How do those fit your ideas of manhood?

Are good men really that hard to find?

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  1. Jane Wells says

    I’m looking forward to reading your columns this week, Terry! I especially love the bottom two images illustrating this post.
    I wrote about the Isla Vista event the week after it happened on Bird on Fire, https://readthespirit.com/bird-on-fire/?p=629. It is tragic that it took such a horror to really crack open the conversation about prejudices that are so deeply ingrained that even many women are oblivious to them.

  2. Michael Orosz says

    I am the brother in-law of your friend Mark Z. We met at his wedding years back.
    Nice to see what you are up to.
    Mark thoughtfully passed along info on your OurValues series. It looks really interesting. As well, I will look up some of your past reflections. Gwen’s sister and I are in a couples book club and maybe I can suggest your book when it becomes published ?..You will have fourteen book sales off of it !