Brian McLaren tells the story of Easter morning from his book ‘We Make the Road by Walking’

SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 2023—In preparation for Easter Sunday, this year, we talked with best-selling Christian author Brian McLaren, who has been a frequent visitor to ReadTheSpirit magazine over the years. In fact, if you care to read more, here is our 2014 interview with Brian about the book he reads in this YouTube video, We Make the Road by Walking.

This week, as we talked with Brian again by Zoom, he said:

As your readers may remember, when I wrote this book, I was trying to give people an overview of the Bible in short chapters that could be red aloud as sermons in about 10 or 12 minutes. Then, as I organized the book, I tried to synch up the narrative in a meaningful way with the church year.

When I got to that season of Easter, I wrote each chapter as if it were written by an eye witness. One reason I wanted to approach it this way is so that instead of looking at the Easter narrative from a distance through the lenses of the theology that we have been given to understand these events—I wanted to try to help people go back and imagine themselves within this story that we share each year.

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