Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers! Americans already are planning ahead.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2023—What a breath of fresh air for Americans to read some of the Thanksgiving columns from Canadian newspapers and magazines!

Here’s how the Toronto Star’s Editorial Board is greeting readers today:

We give thanks in Canada because we know it is a privilege to reside on this particular patch of this astonishing planet. We are grateful because we know it is a gift to live, to learn, to labour, to laugh, to experience the education of setback and challenge, the benefit of forgiveness and second chances, and most of all to love and be loved. We give thanks because conscious gratitude gets us rightsized with the universe. Gratitude requires humility, a becoming trait which helps us to acknowledge that the source of the goodness we enjoy lies, in large measure, outside ourselves. Through that recognition, gratitude reminds us of our connection to and need for others.

That’s the kind of spiritually uplifting language readers might expect in, say, well—in the pages of our weekly ReadTheSpirit magazine!

Canadians also have their own version of “Thanksgiving history,” highlighting their own milestones in thankfulness, summarized this year by writer Mel Simoneau in The Ottawa Citizen. Mel shares not only some centuries-old milestones but also a personal story and encourages readers to reclaim the greatful “awe” that this holiday traditionally celebrated.

Most Canadian families expect turkey, mashed potatoes and other autumn side dishes—just like Americans. One Canadian poll says as many as three-quarters of families plan to have some turkey. But, various Canadian journalists also have been pointing out: A growing number of Canadians are proud to call themselves “foodies”—and some holiday dinners will feature alternative dishes.

Refreshing ideas, aren’t they?

Plan ahead to encourage gratefulness and awe in November

Thank goodness we Americans have nearly two months to plan ahead for a great post-pandemic Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned to ReadTheSpirit for an additional American-focused Thanksgiving story, when it’s appropriate but—for now—you might want to check out some of the delicious links we’ve found:

Of course, our Holidays & Festivals column will share more tips and links in November for American families, but for now—let’s all say a word of “Thanks!” in harmony with our neighbors to the North.

We truly do share an “astonishing planet”!

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