Coming Soon. MLK/X, a New Series on Two Great Black Leaders

There is a wonderful limited (8 parts) series telling the parallel stories of Dr. MLK and Malcolm X scheduled to appear on the National Geographic Channel on Feb. 1, and then stream the next day on Disney+ and Hulu, with two new episodes debuting weekly on all platforms. I have watched all 8 episodes & can testify that they are terrific in picturing details from the childhood and adult lives of the two leaders. I loved the old Abby Mann 3-part miniseries covering Dr. King’s life called KING, as well as the fine film Malcolm X, but this series is even better! I will be reviewing it and posting it as soon as possible, probably in two parts. Each episode is a little over 50 minutes long and packed with human-interest details. They are worth gathering some friends or church members to watch & discuss. Beginning with Feb. 1, all presentations are on a Thursday night–at least on the NG Channel. The other channels will offer it on demand.


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