Who Stole My Bible? Reclaiming Scripture as a Handbook for Resisting Tyranny

Publisher: Faith in Public Life (2020);  Paperback, 178 pages; ISBN: 9781735739205. As discerning leaders will see immediately, the subtitle of Jennifer Butler’s new book, could be categorized as a Liberation Theology book. For her, as for theologians who champion the rights of the excluded of all stripes, the Bible is a book of liberation. She is …

A Dangerous Life (1988)

The reporter is fictional, but this film is based on the history of the Philippines when Corrie Aquino inspired her people to topple the Marcos dictatorship by standing against guns and tanks in the streets.

The Life Ahead (2020)

When an a former streetwalker is persuaded by her doctor to take in an orphan from Africa, the woman & boy’s mutual hostility changes into acceptance and love, enriching her final days.