The Whale (2022)

A guilt-ridden obese gay father tries to reconnect with the daughter he abandoned years ago so he could live with a suicidal gay partner.

1945 (2017)

When two Orthodox Jews, at the end of WW 2, get off a train at a small Hungarian village & load 2 mysterious boxes in a wagon, the villagers are alarmed and filled with fear and guilt.

Good Kill (2015)

From their control room at an AF base near Las Vegas a team uses drones to kill terrorists in Afghanistan, a seemingly clean way, but problems produce guilty feelings.

Rudderless (2014)

A grieving father discover’s his dead son’s songs & performs them as his own, joined by a young musician who forms a band around him, but a secret will disrupt things–& a shocking revelation causes viewers to gain a new perspective on the story!