Rodney Curtis

Rodney Curtis is the Spiritual Wanderer. That’s the title of his first book and explains his appeal: He’s an ordinary person like you and me. He’s a father, a husband, a pet lover and a guy who simply hopes to flop out of bed, find a frozen coffee to sip and start his day. But, there’s more: In these turbulent times, Rodney also is a guy who has lost a job. He’s a cancer survivor—or, as many writers now are rephrasing it, a true cancer thriver. What’s best about Rodney Curtis? In all of those challenges, he finds and shares warm-hearted humor.


Rodney Curtis has worked in newsrooms nationwide, primarily as a photographer and photo editor. Over the years, he has taught other aspiring journalists in settings that have included: individual coaching, seminars, conferences and the Michigan State University School of Journalism. His lively and creative style of teaching is in demand, so contact Rodney early if you would like to inquire about a booking. Email us at [email protected] Mainly, he is a storyteller whose honest tales of daily life have touched readers around the world, often making us chuckle and think more fondly of our own families and friends.


Longtime readers know that Rodney has a special interest in what author Suzy Farbman calls Godsigns and what many people tend to call coincidences. These moments when our life seems to wink at us in surprising ways fascinate Rodney. He also finds deep inspiration in the daily relationships we all have surrounding us, even if we sometimes forget that. All the while, this guy discovers ways to make us chuckle. One example? He recently read one of his stories on public radio about laughing in the midst of cancer treatment!


Rodney is one of ReadTheSpirit’s most popular columnists. He contributes to our new and you can enjoy all of his new stories as they are published at his own site

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