Getting Laid (Off)

Nothing stops The Spiritual Wanderer, as Rodney Curtis is known to readers far and wide from the title of his first humorous book about the many quirky challenges of life in America. Then, suddenly his life went from quirky to terrifying as he was hit with a double whammy: a layoff notice and a diagnosis of cancer. Many would have folded under the pressure, but Rodney’s approach to life remains undimmed. As he says in his introduction, he keeps laughing in the face of fear.

Apparently, it works. He tackled cancer in his earlier book, A ‘Cute’ Leukemia, and now Rodney turns the full force of his relentlessly wacky vision on the challenges millions face in unemployment.

He tells this true story through words and images—as well as audio and video you’ll enjoy through easy links in these pages. Here’s an example: As the story opens in Chapter 1, “I knew things weren’t good at my company when they closed down half the bathrooms in our building. The economy was going down the toilet, but we sure weren’t.”

Then, as fear battles hope in the opening pages, a link offers Rodney’s recommended soundtrack for that chapter: a song from a popular movie that’s just a web link away and, soon, your toes will be tapping as you read. You’ll get hooked on the multi-media counterpoints and, when you’re done, you’ll be asking yourself: Why doesn’t every book have a soundtrack and movie clips?

In the end, you’ll be glad that nothing stops Rodney Curtis—and that you can join him in this adventure. His high spirits are strong enough to lift yours, too.

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