Bird On Fire

Bird On Fire by Jane Wells

The Hunger Games is on fire.

This series of novels and movies is attracting millions. Jane Wells offers an exciting new perspective on novelist Suzanne Collins’ complex world. Readers and moviegoers, young and old, continue to cheer for her hero Katniss Everdeen, a teenager fighting forces of injustice in a bleak future version of our world. Now, Jane Wells delves into this dystopian realm from a Christian perspective, exploring themes of social justice, transformation and unlikely heroism.

In the novels and movies, Katniss is not content with the tragically unjust world in which she finds herself. Instead, she is on fire for justice and transformed by the love and loss she encounters. Jane Wells’ new book, Bird on Fire, is thought-provoking for the individual reader, but the chapters also feature discussion questions, making this book an excellent option for small group study.

The book opens with a description of the Mockingjay, the revolutionary symbol of hope that gives the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy its title. Jane Wells recounts several other tales of “unlikely heroes” from The Hunger Games (often paralleled by examples from scripture), including Katniss’ own journey.

Katniss risks her life to fight for justice. When Katniss emerges from the arena, she finds herself changed. She witnesses the death of her friend, Rue, and she experiences things no teenager should have to encounter. She also learns to appreciate the differences in those around her. Wells invites readers to reflect on these eye-opening experiences of love and loss, both in The Hunger Games—and in readers’ our own lives.

Then, Jane Wells invites us to take action. The fictional world of Panem is full of inequality and desperation—and Katniss fights desperately to make her world better for everyone. Wells guides us through issues of social justice featured in The Hunger Games, inviting us to model our actions on Katniss Everdeen—and our faith.

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