Glitter in the Sun

A Bible Study Searching for Truth in the Twilight Saga

God anticipates at some point in your life you will realize there is something missing—and will realize it is Him. To that end He plants clues and hints and pictures of Himself everywhere: a glorious sunset, a perfect “coincidence,” a novel (or the entire Twilight Saga) to stir up that vacuum of desire and send you seeking for something to answer its call for more.

Glitter in the Sun bridges the gap between the heart hunger felt by Twilight fans and the only One who can satisfy it.

Glitter in the Sun Reviews

“Thanks for being a pioneer… I found ‘Glitter in the Sun’ most appealing and insightful in unlocking ways to read and understand the Twilight Saga in biblical terms.”

Dr. Bruce L. Edwards, professor of English and Writing at Bowling Green State University, author of several books on C.S. Lewis including “Not A Tame Lion:  Unveil Narnia Through the Eyes of Lucy, Peter and Other Characters Created by C.S. Lewis.”

“A Wonderful and Engaging Read …She has taken a very popular series and used it as a stepping stone for a thoughtful, engaging Bible study.”

Theo50 on (5 stars)

“This Bible study changed my life! I would highly recommend this book to any Twilight fan who is seeking to know Christ better!”

Sasha Sullivan on (5 stars)


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