Our Lent

The annual observance of Lent, the season of spiritual reflection leading to Easter, is growing across the U.S. Around the world, 2 billion men and women mark Lent as a part of the Christian calendar, but most do not pause on a daily basis to enjoy Lent’s rich opportunity to reflect on the life of Jesus. In growing numbers, though, Americans are finding this season attractive, because Lent taps into the deep spiritual yearnings in our culture and, at the same time, encourages individual expression. Our Lent is a 40-day, 40-chapter invitation to enjoy that combination of faith and self-guided reflection. The book was written by award-winning religion writer David Crumm, the founding editor of ReadTheSpirit online magazine and publishing house.

Each daily chapter explores something Jesus showed us, including: coins, basins, bowls, bread, cups, swords and tables. In each chapter, the author shares a biblical story from Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem and explains the significance of the tangible things Jesus lifted up for his followers. Then, each chapter connects the Bible lesson with our own daily lives as well as the lives of men and women who are celebrated in our culture, including the spiritual writer Thomas Merton, the actress and singer Judy Garland, the country musician Merle Haggard and even the beloved Cat in the Hat. After 40 days of connecting scripture with modern life, readers will find themselves freshly aware of the many blessings we have received and the challenges we face in helping to heal the world around us.

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