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Today we’ve reached the 500th “Top Story” at ReadTheSpirit—and we’re delaying our weekly Reader Roundup until next week—so that we can thank you!
    You’ve welcomed us into your life. Your Emails, Facebook notes, Twitter responses and Comments have shaped ReadTheSpirit.
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To say “Thank You,” we’re sharing these quick links to 10 of the popular stories readers return to, again and again, among our Top 500 Stories:

RAMADAN COVERAGE: The fasting month starts today for more than 1 billion Muslims around the world. Check out http://www.SharingRamadan.info each day of the month for inspiring stories about Muslim men and women. Among our “Top Stories,” this profile of a remarkable Muslim hero sparked interest among readers around the world.

LIFT YOUR CITY IN PRAYER: This annual effort is shaping up in its biggest and most creative form near our Home Office in Michigan—where people call this “Lift Detroit in Prayer.” The resource page is http://www.LiftDetroitInPrayer.com
    This idea can be replicated anywhere in the world—and some pastors in the Chicago area are doing so right now.

BARBARA BROWN TAYLOR: She’s a contemporary prophetic voice not only for men and women in mainline congregations—but also for the millions outside traditional religious groups who feel uncomfortable with the strictures of organized religion. This interview about her book, “An Altar in the World,” is visited by readers on a daily basis.

SHANE CLAIBORNE: Another insider-outsider is Shane Claiborne. He lives out a radical commitment to community in a poor, urban neighborhood—but he’s also got boundless faith in the importance of traditional religious disciplines. Read this in-depth interview with Shane that keeps drawing readers every week.

ROB BELL: The creator of Nooma films and pioneer in a whole new approach to evangelism around the world, Rob Bell has been a part of ReadTheSpirit since our founding. Our latest interview with Rob Bell continues to be popular.

SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP: Every day, readers around the world find inspiring East-West connections in ReadTheSpirit. The most-visited East-West story in our online magazine is this interview about the importance of this 20th-Century movement seeking to link Eastern and Western religious traditions.

JAMES BOND BIBLE STUDY: One of the most unusual interviews we’ve ever done—and one of the most unusual books we’ve ever published is “Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins & James Bond’s Moral Compass.” This interview with Dr. Benjamin Pratt originally was one of our ReadTheSpirit Top Stories.

INTERFAITH HEROES: This rare and inspiring collection of profiles—of men and women around the world who dared to cross religious boundaries—is one of the busiest sections of our online magazine. Visit Interfaith Heroes to see the array of profiles. Or, click here to read an in-depth interview with the hero behind all these heroes.

BARBARA BRADLEY HAGERTY: Whenever we’re on the road talking with groups of readers, our profile of NPR Religion Correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty usually is mentioned. The interview focuses on her ambitious book that springs from her own religious background.

SECRET HISTORY OF DREAMING: Often, our stories touch upon unusual, rarely explored corners of our spiritual lives. Among those off-the-beaten-path stories was this interview with historian and dream explorer Robert Moss, whose book is called “The Secret History of Dreaming.”

A NEW NATIVE AMERICAN VOICE: Warren Petoskey, author of “Dancing My Dream,” surprised us with his popularity especially among youth. Warren is an Odawa elder and musician whose memoirs talk about American Indian resilience in overcoming long years of trauma.


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